Circular No. 32/16: Public Forum on The Proposed LPA Amendments: Serious Threat to the Independence of the Malaysian Bar (29 Aug 2016)

Following the success of the Forum for Members held on 4th August 2016, the Johore Bar Committee jointly with the Bar Council is organising a public forum on THE GOVERNMENT’ S PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE LPA 1976.

In a recent unexpected turn of events, the Bar Council was informed that the Government of Malaysia intends to amend the Legal Profession Act 1976 (“LPA”), which is the statute that governs the Malaysian Bar. The proposed amendments to the LPA represent a serious threat to the independence of the Malaysian Bar. They are scheduled to be tabled in Parliament in October 2016.

An independent Bar is important:

  • for access to justice and fearless legal representation;
  • for the independence of the judiciary and the proper functioning of the administration of justice;
  • for the creation of awareness and education on public interest matters, as well as constitutional and rule of law issues;
  • for the promotion of accountability, transparency and good governance; and
  • to sustain and promote a conducive environment for business and foreign investment.

The purpose of this Forum is to inform Members of the Bar and the public about the proposed amendments, as well as to obtain their feedback.

List of Panellists

(1) Mr. Steven Thiru, President of the Malaysian Bar
(2) Datuk Hj. Kuthubul Zaman Bin SNS Bukhari, Member of Johore Bar and Past President of the Malaysian Bar
(3) Mr. S. Gunasegaran, Chairman of the Johore Bar

Mr. S. Balarajah, Past Chairman of the Johore Bar

We cordially invite all Members of the Bar, pupils in chambers and the public to this forum, the details whereof are as follows:

Date Monday, 29th August 2016
Time 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.


Tropical Inn Johor Bahru
Level 4, Meranti Hall
15, Jalan Gereja, Johor Bahru
CPD code T3/29082016/BC/JH161181/2 (2 CPD points)


Kindly complete the enclosed Registration Form attached and returned it by fax to the Johore Bar Secretariat at 07-276 1188 by Friday, 26th August 2016.



Circular No. 32-16 Public Forum on The Proposed LPA Amendments l Serious Threat to the Independence of the Malaysian Bar (29 Aug 2016)


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