The Johore Bar Secretariat is managed by an Executive Secretary, Siti Norhafizah Mohd Umar who is assisted by an Admin and Accounts Executive, Cicelia Mani a/p Santhanasamy, Despatch Clerk, Mohd Shuhaimi Bin Mohd Ali @ Adam, Administration Officer, Nurhuda Mohd Fadzil and Administration Officer at Muar Bar Room at Muar Court Complex, Nur Aqilah Azman.

Executive Secretary: Siti Norhafizah Binti Mohd Umar


Siti joined the Secretariat in April 2010. She is responsible for the entire management and operation of the Secretariat. She assists the Chairmen of various sub-committees in ensuring that their projects are being successfully implemented. She also assists the Hon. Secretary of the Johore Bar Committee in preparing the minutes of the Committee meetings, AGM and EGM as well as all other correspondences. Apart from that, she managed the Johore Bar website. She is in-charge of all IT matters and the transmission of circulars to members by way of emails. Siti assists the Publication Committee in preparation of the Info Johore Bar.

All emails to Siti can be directed to

Admin and Accounts Executive: Cicelia Mani a/p Santhanasamy

CiceliaCicelia joined the Secretariat in April 2004. She is then promoted to an Admin and Accounts Executive in May 2010. She is responsible of the HR matters, members Subscriptions and Accounts of the Johore Bar Committee.

All emails to Cicelia can be directed to

Despatch Clerk: Mohd Shuhaimi Bin Mohd Ali @ Adam


Shuhaimi is incharge of the overall distribution of circulars through posting, court boxes and fax transmission as well as being responsible for putting up the notices and circulars at the notice board at High Court and the Bar Room. He is in charge in maintenance of the Bar rooms. He also handles the filing of letters, circulars and all documents and assistance for functions and seminars. Shuhaimi is also responsible in assisting the Bar Council in investigating on complaints against firms i.e. to take photographs and a brief report to the Bar Council.

Administration Officer: Nurhuda Binti Mohd Fadzil


Nurhuda joined the Secretariat as Administration Officer in January 2014. Her job responsibilities consists of front desk, telephonist, incoming mail, attend to public enquiry, updating the Legal Directory of members information, general admin, proving coordination and assistance for functions and seminars organised by the Johore Bar Committee. She also assists in Chambering Pupils matters in updating and maintaining Petitions for Admission and pupils papers in order before they are called to the Bar.

All emails to Nurhuda can be directed to

Administration Officer: Nur Aqilah binti Azman

Nur Aqilah joined the Secretariat in February 2020. She assists the Chairperson in North Johore Affairs Sub Committee of the Johore Bar in the activities carried out in north Johor, handles the Bar room in Muar Court Complex. Aqilah is also incharge of Legal Aid and YBGK matters in north Johor.

Members could seek the assistance of our staff, Nur Aqilah in case of any assistance needed related to North Johore affairs.  The telephone and fax number is 06-9532468. Members can contact the Secretariat if any further information is needed.

All emails to Nur Aqilah can be directed to

Secretariat office




Abdullah A. Rahman Auditorium



The Auditorium is available for public rental for the following purposes:

  1. Mediation involving lawyers and other parties.
  2. Conference/meetings between lawyers/clients.
  3. Sale of law books by law publishers.
  4. Seminars, Talks, Forum, exhibitions etc.

The rental of the auditorium is RM1,000-00 per day, can accommodate up to  100 pax.

An additional RM300.00 will be charged for the use of LCD projector, audio equipment, seminar chairs.

There will be additional charges for providing refreshments.

Further information may liaise with Pn Siti at

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