We have a new Judicial Commissioner of the High Court in Johor Bahru. YA Tuan Mohd Nazlan bin Mohd Ghazali commenced his posting in Johor Bahru on 20.04.2015. It is customary for the Johore Bar to extend its warm welcome and appreciation to the new Judge or Judicial Commissioner in Johor Bahru. The Committee is… Read More

We have been informed by the Courts that applications for postponement were being made on the hearing date when, looking at the reasons, the application could have been made earlier and the Courts could have adjusted the cause list.   The Courts have requested that members apply for postponement early or once the need for… Read More

We have recently revamped the Johore Bar website to make it easier for members to use. The updated website now runs on a web publishing platform where some sections of the website are only accessible by registered members. As a means to update our database, we ask that all members register an account to access… Read More

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee of the Johore Bar is organizing a talk on Milestone Cases in Malaysian Land Law. The Seminar will cover as follows: 1. Indefeasibility of Title/Interest 2. Private Caveat 3. Powers of Court under ss. 417 & 418 NLC 1965 4. Role of Equity and Equitable Principles under Malaysian Land Law… Read More

The Johore Bar Sports and North Johore Affairs Sub-Committee is pleased to announce that the NORTH – vs – SOUTH JOHORE BAR GAMES 2015 has been revived after going into hibernation since 2007. The Games will be held on Saturday, 6th June 2015 in Batu Pahat. The Games will culminate with High-tea and prize giving… Read More

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION (LA) AND PROBATE MATTERS Following discussions with the Courts in Johor Bahru, the Courts have agreed that (i) Applicant(s) would no longer be required to file the List of Assets and Liabilities (Senarai Aset Dan Liabiliti) and List of Beneficiaries (Senarai Benefisiari) as separate individual documents; exhibiting the same in the supporting… Read More