Members are to note that the Public Sector Home Financing Board (Vesting Date) Order 2015 has been gazetted on 31/12/2015 and shall take effect from 01/01/2016. A copy of the gazette notification P.U. (A) 321 is attached for your information. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Andrew Wong Chairperson Conveyancing Sub-Committee PU(A) 321 (2015) Treasury Loans Vesting… Read More

(for the 2nd issue of the INFO Johore Bar 2015) With its recent redesign and online publication, the INFO Johore Bar has received good response from our members. As at 1.1.2016, the online version published at has had over 500 impressions. In that spirit, the Publication Sub-Committee intends to publish its 2nd issue of… Read More

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee of the Johore Bar in collaboration with the Bar Council Islamic Finance Committee is organizing Seminar on An Introduction to Islamic Finance. This seminar seeks to introduce participants to the law and practice of Islamic banking and finance as currently applied in Malaysia. Participants will be given an overview of… Read More

Members are advised that the Courts would be implementing the new revised Service Bureau Request Forms for all the Courts in the country from 4th January 2016. The form includes various improvements and is designed to minimise errors that may occur when filing at court service bureaus. Please see Bar Council Circular No. 280/2015 dated… Read More

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organizing the above course which is COMPULSORY for all pupils. Pupils will need to pass a written test evaluation at the end of the Professional Standards Course. In conjunction with the course, the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee together with the Social Sub-Committee is organizing a dinner. Invitations to the… Read More

Court punctuality. At the Committee’s recent meetings with the courts we were informed in strong terms that there are still many instances of lawyers coming late to court. There have been instances of lawyers not present even at as late as 10.30 a.m; the court being kept waiting indefinitely for lawyers to appear; lawyers not… Read More

Due to overwhelming response from Members of the Johore Bar and the limited seating capacity of the Abdullah A. Rahman Auditorium, we have decided to change the venue of the above seminar to enable more members to attend. Please note the change of venue as follows: Date 9th December 2015 (Wednesday) Time 9.00 a.m. to… Read More

After a successful run in Johor Bahru, the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee of the Johore Bar is pleased to organize the seminar on the fundamentals of cross-examination in civil and commercial trials in Muar, Johor. The seminar is designed to teach basic skills and to impart useful lessons and pointers for young advocates to utilise… Read More