Gunapati a/l Suppiah (24/01/1948 – 13/03/2012)

Gunapati Suppiah aged 64 a former member of the Johore Bar passed away after a brief illness at the Sungai Buloh Hospital in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday the 13day of March 2012. The funeral took place in Kuala Lumpur on the 14th March 2012.

In many ways Gunapati had a remarkable and colourful life. He was a man of varied and extensive interests and a Tamil scholar. Coming from a humble background he started life as a Hospital Assistant/Radiographer in the Sultanah Aminah Hospital Johor Bahru in its X-ray Department. In between work he managed to obtain the requisite qualifications to read law. He then passed and obtained the CLP after which he read in the chambers of Mr N Jagatheeson of M/s John Ang & Jega of Johor Bahru. He was called to the Malaysian Bar on 25th February 1993.

Gunapati was a self-confessed late bloomer and was pregnant with pride when he achieved his life long ambition of being called to the Bar and he practiced in Johor Bahru and also had a branch in Kulai. He was proud of his calling and participated in the activities of the Bar.

Gunapati was involved in the Johor Consumers Association and other social clubs and the Hindu Temples in Johor Bahru. He was also an ardent golfer and participated in the Johore Bench and Bar games. He is on record of having presented a trophy for the golf tournament to the Malaysian Bar.

He leaves behind his wife Madam Kamala and Madam Catherine and 5 children. One of his sons Sri Kumar a/l Gunapati who was called to the Bar on 24.3.2001 is a practicing member of the Bar in Johor Bahru attached to the firm of Sri Kumar Gunapati & Co.

Members of the Johor Bar express their condolences to Sri Kumar and the bereaved family. Shakespeare (“Much Ado About Nothing”) said that “every one can master a grief but he that has it.” But may the family find solace in the words of the Hindu Scripture The Bhagavad Gita:

“For one who has taken his birth,

death is certain; and for one who is dead,

birth is certain.

Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of

your duty, you should not lament.”

(Bhagavad-Gita, Chap 2,

Text 27, spoken by Lord Sri Krishna)

May Gunapati Suppiah rest in peace and find Shanti with his Gods.

S. Balarajah

Johore Bar

15th March 2012

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