Brian Komathi (05/10/1960 – 17/06/2012)

Brian Komathi, the sole-proprietor of Brian Komathi and Partners aged 51 and a bachelor passed away in the early hours of Sunday the 17th day of June 2012. It is said he suffered a massive cardiac arreset. The funeral rites according to Hindu customs and religion took place at 6.00pm on Sunday the 17th itself.

Brian who hailed from a rather humble backgroung had his early and tertiary education at the St Joseph’s English Scholl Johor Bahru and obtained his Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of London. He then returned to Kuala Lumpur and studied for and obtained the Certificate in Legal Practice. He read in the Chambers of Mr Chandra Sekran a/l Kunjan of M/s Abdullah & Zainuddin, Johor Bahru. Brian was called to the Bar on 17.11.1988 and was a legal assistant in a couple of firms before venturing on his own under the name and style of Brian Komathi & Partners. His area of practice centered around bodily injury claims.

It is on record that Brian served a couple of years from 2007 – 2009 as a member of the Johor Bar Committee under the chairmanship of Mr K. Mohan. He took charge of the House and Library portfolios of the Johore Bar. It can therefore be said that Brian in his own way contributed to his profession and subscribed to the words of Whitney Seymour in the 1968 Benjamin N Cardozo lecture when he said “…the lawyer is not just a journeyman devoted to his own interest but has a duty to his profession which includes the duty to contribute at least some of his talents”. Brian had sacrificed some of his time and talents for the betterment of his profession.

It is sad that Brian pased away at a relatively young age of 51. One is mindful of what Nikita S. Khrushchev, Soviet leader (1874-1971) said : “Life is short. Live it up”. But the caveat to this is of course moderation and one should tread with caution and be circumspect in living it up.

On behalf of the Members of the Johor Bar we offer our condolences to the mother siblings and family of the late Brian Komathi.

May his soul rest in peace.

S. Balarajah

Johore Bar


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