Circular No. 71/13: Chief Judge of Malaya’s Practice Directions No 1& 2 of 2011 – A Gentle Reminder to Members

We have received several complaints recently from members about the courts bringing forward the hearing dates of cases that have already been fixed and refusing to consider the free dates of counsel when re-fixing the dates. The complaints were referred to the Senior Judge of the High Court, Dato’ Abdul Halim bin Aman and resolved satisfactorily.

This and other issues frequently encountered by members in court are dealt with in the Chief Judge of Malaya’s Practice Directions No. 1 & 2 of 2011. We have brought the said Practice Directions to the attention of members vide JBC Circular No. 13-11 and 17-11. However, in breach of the said Practice Directions, these issues keep recurring on a regular basis, we are pleased to once again circulate the same for the benefit of members who are either not aware of it or have forgotten about it.

As the said Practice Directions are very powerful weapons in our armoury, we would urge all members to be familiar with the same and to be armed with them every time they are in court, and to use them to your advantage if you face an adverse situation in court. If after trying, you are not able to resolve the issue or matter, you may, of course, refer it to the Committee.



Courts Liaison and Public Relations


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