Circular No. 68/20: Updates on Court Operations at Johor Bahru During the Conditional Movement Control Order Period

Subsequent to the issue of JBC Circular No. 67/20 dated 09/11/2020 [“JBC 67/20], the following updates were received from the Johor Bahru High Courts and Subordinate Courts.


1.1 Duty Roster

Deputy Registrar, Puan Azureen Sahira Binti Sauffee Afandi, informed that:-

(a) the High Court Officers’ duty roster [JBC 67/20 APPENDIX-5] is cancelled. The revised duty rosters for November and December 2020 are attached here as APPENDIX-8;

(b) they, however, remain contactable by email and their mobile phones. The contact list is in APPENDIX-9. This contact list is for Court Officers at both the Civil and Criminal High Courts.

1.2 Foreclosure Proceedings

All foreclosure proceedings (Case Managements, hearings, auctions) are adjourned as follows:-

Scheduled DatesRescheduled Case
Management/ Hearing Dates
[9 A.M.]
Auction Dates
[10.30 A.M]
10 November 20209 December 20206 January 2021
11 November 202010 December 202011 January 2021
12 November 202014 December 2020No cases
16 November 202021 December 202012 January 2021
17 November 202022 December 202013 January 2021
18 November 202016 December 202019 January 2021
19 November 202017 December 2020No cases
23 November 202029 December 202020 January 2021

The letter dated 09/11/2020 from Tuan Mohd Farid Nazzrin bin Ahmad, Senior Assistant Registrar High Court Johor Bahru captioned “PENANGGUHAN PERBICARAAN KES LELONGAN AWAM DI MAHKAMAH TINGGI JOHOR BAHRU (KOD 38”) is attached as APPENDIX-10.


The duty rosters for the Sessions Court Judges and the Magistrates as well as the Court officers and service counters for the Magistrates Courts are attached as APPENDIX-11 and APPENDIX-12 respectively.

We will keep members duly informed of developments, if any.

Please do not hesitate to forward any queries, concerns or issues, to:-

(a) the Johore Bar Secretariat at or

(b) the undersigned at 0192234007 or by email at

As always, stay safe and well.

Thank you.



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