Charles Wong Peng Siong (C.P.S.Wong) (1903 – 11/01/2001)

The late Charles Wong Peng Siong (C.P.S.Wong or CPS) who was the oldest and the most senior member of the Malaysian Bar passed away in Johor on 11th January 2001. Mr Wong was born in 1903. His father had business interests in then Malaya, Singapore and Hongkong. His grandfather Wong Ah Fook was one of the pioneers in Johor Bahru, so much so, in recognition of his role, one of the main roads there, Jalan Ah Fook is named after him. Wong Peng Soon, the world and Thomas Cub badminton champion is CPS’s cousin. CPS went to Clifton College Public School in England for his early education after which he entered the Cambridge University in 1925 and graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts degree after which he was called to the English Bar in 1929. He returned to Singapore and became the Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court there. He was called to the local Bar in 1930 and subsequently became the partner of Dato Clough Thuraisingam and Mr M.V.Pillai in Johore. During the Japanese Occupation he was in Singapore. In 1957 he returned to Batu Pahat and has been in the Johore state until 1997 when he stopped practice.

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