Veera Kumara Singham (26/3/1934 – 31/7/2016)

Mr S Veera Kumara Singham popularly known as S.V.K Singham of the Hon. Society of Lincoln’s Inn a Barrister-at -Law and an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court, Malaysia passed away peacefully in Kluang on the 31st day of July 2016. The last rites according to traditional Hindu rites took place in Kluang on the 1st day of August 2016.

The late Mr Singham was a very senior member of the Johor Bar. In fact he was No. 7 on the List of Seniority of the resident members of the Johore Bar totalling 1910 members as at 31st of July 2016.

He was however, born in Sungkai, Perak where his father the late Mr V Somasundram was attached to the Postal Department. His early years were in Ipoh. He was an Andersonian and a contemporary of the late leader of the Malaysian Bar, YM Raja Aziz Addruse. On completion of the Higher School Certificate Singham proceeded to the University of Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree and ventured into the teaching profession Malaysia, for a short span. Clamouring for some action and excitement he left teaching and joined the Royal Malaysian Police Force as a cadet ASP and was in the Traffic Section.

He later on resigned from the Force and proceeded to Lincolns Inn, London and read for and was called to the English Bar. He returned read in Chambers and was called to the Malaysian Bar on 15.8.1969. He commenced practise under the name and style of Singham & Company, Kluang. He was so to speak a trendsetter in that he was probably the first to open a firm of Advocates & Solicitors in Kluang with a resident lawyer thereat.

An avid and keen sportsman Singham played cricket, squash, tennis, table tennis, hockey, football, golf and badminton. Hashing was his love and was a member of the Kluang Hash House Harriers. He served the community by being a member of the Lion’s Club Kluang of which he was a President. He loved classical music both Western and Tamil Carnatic. He was a member of the Ceylonese Association of Kluang.

His only child Dr Anusuya adoringly reminces that her father was a filial son, loving brother, loving husband, uncle and a doting father. He was positive and optimistic in his outlook and was well loved and respected. And not known to many the study of languages was his forte. He was fluent in English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi and German languages. He was a lover of animals and was kind to all animals and had several pets.

Singham was a prim and proper member of the Bar. He did not tread against or transgress the Rules of Etiquette and Practice and practised at the Bar within the ambit of the noble traditions and of the laws in his 47 years at the Bar. As an ardent sportsman he participated in the Johore Bench and Bar games annually and was specially partial towards cricket. He was therefore not a mere journeyman at the Bar but contributed his talents to the Bar and to the Community. In his own demure ways Singham was a man of manifold extensive interests, and talents. His life’s journey has been an eventful and complete one enriched by manifold experiences.

Singham leaves behind his wife Madam Maheswari formerly of the Ministry of Education and his only daughter, Dr Anusuya of the Government Hospital, Kluang. The Bar’s heartfelt condolences go to them.

The words of Julie Burchill a writer from Bristol England comes to mind when one thinks of Singham’s wholesome life. Singham lived a long successful happy and complete life and so the words of Burchill are apt:

“Tears are sometimes

an inappropriate response to death

When a life has been lived

completely honestly, completely

successfully, or just completely,

the correct response to death’s

perfect punctuation mark is a smile.”    – Julie Burchill

Now that his earthly labours have ceased may Singham find much love joy peace and eternal rest in God’s glorious gardens.

(S. Balarajah)
Johore Bar


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