Subramaniam Palany Naicker (31/03/1937 – 13/08/1989)

The late Mr Subra Naicker was the eldest son to Mr & Mrs Palany Naicker. He was born in Muar, Johor and received his early education there. He lost his father at the tender age of 9 and was brought up by his mother and grandmother both of whom, were his source of inspiration to persevere and succeed in life.

He joined the legal profession after having served as an educationist at RMC and EC from 1967-1974. He went on to UK to complete his Bar exams and returned home where he chambered at M/s Ho Thien Cheh & Co. Having completed his pupilage he went on to open his firm and operated under the name and style of M/s Subra Naicker & Co. He operated the firm as a sole proprietor until his untimely demise in 1989 whereupon the firm was under the administration of the Johore Bar.

Mr Subra Naicker had three passions in his life, his family, his career and his community.

As a father and husband he always ensured his family was well provided for, even after his untimely demise. His vision for academic achievement for his children, which had been penned during his silent moments, is the guiding stone for his children.

As a lawyer he believed that “work is workship”. His normal working week was 7 days. He was always surrounded by his files and research material. His commitment to the profession and contribution to the development of some branches of the law has been well documented in the various journals.

For the community, Mr Subra Naicker joined the MIC and was since 1979 the Larkin Jaya branch chairman. He was always ready to contribute his resources to the development and up-liftment of the poor, the downtrodden and the deserving. Numerous organisations have benefited from his benevolence.

Mr Subra Naicker was a man determined to change his world. He detested laziness and never condoned pessimism. He was always one to be ready on his feet and would rise to challenges thrown his way where he believed no mountain was too high to climb and no river too deep to swim.

Mr Subra Naicker leaves behind his wife Jeyamalar Thuryraja, his children, Dr Manimalar Selvi Naicker (Lecturer & Specialist UM), Dr Amaramalar Selvi Naicker (Lecturer & Specialist, UKM), Jeyaveeran Naicker (Dhaliwal & Naicker), Dr Devamalar Selvi Naicker (MO, KLIA), Deivavickraman Naicker (LLB) and Sathyavarman Naicker (IT Student).

by his proud wife & children

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