Sarjit Singh Randhawa (12/08/1938 – 07/07/2003)

The late Mr Sarjit Singh Randhawa was born on 12th August 1938 and had his early education in Johor Bahru. He was admitted as a Barrister at the Lincoln’s Inn in 1972 and called to the Malaysian Bar on October 1973.

He joined the Judicial Service, Government of Malaysia on 31st January 1974 and served as a Magistrate, President of the Sessions Court and Senior Assistant Registrar of the High Court. Served in various capacity in the state of Johore, Kedah, Perak and Selangor. 14 years of service in the Judicial Department of Government of Malaysia. He took optional retirement from the Government Services in 1988.

Mr Sarjit Singh Randhawa joined Messrs. Abdul Raman Saad & Associates in 1988 as a Legal Assistant and later joined Messrs. Abbas & Ngan in 1990. In 1995 he became the Managing Partner of Messrs Abbas & Ngan until the year 2001.

Messrs Abbas & Ngan was dissolved in 2002 and Mr Sarjit Singh practised under the name of Messrs. Sarjit & Sharmizah until his demise.

Mr Sarjit Singh Randhawa passed away at the age of 65 and leaves behind his wife, Saranjit Kaur Pannu and two children.

By Saranjit Kaur Pannu

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