Ravindran a/l Robin Mahendran (07/04/1966 – 04/09/2006)

The Bar records with deep regret the passing away of the late Rafie Syazwan Abdullah commonly known as R R Mahendran at the young age of 40 on the 4th of September 2006.

Mahendran was admitted to the Malaysian Bar on 6th April 1995. He was a Bachelor of Law from the University of London (External) and he was the holder of the CLP.

His area of practice was civil law and quasi-criminal primarily specializing in Habeas Corpus application. There is no denying that in his early years of practice he was more often that not dogged in some personal battle or embroiled in some controversy. In fact controversies found a friend in him and even at death it never left him. He has was a zest for life.

R R Mahendran has his faults and his shortcomings even at death. Who are we to judge his faults or cast aspersions on him. Did Jesus not say, let the man who has not sinned cast the first stone. It is for him to make peace with his God. He leaves behind his parents, widow Susan and 4 infant children. In his short span at the bar, Mahendran concentrated mainly on the criminal laws. Mahendran took part in many of the Bar’s activities. He was particularly active in Golf Tournaments organized by the Johore Bar and the Malaysian Bar. He was generous in his givings and donations to the LawCare fund and obliged with handouts and gifts whenever his assistance was sought.

The Chairman, Committee and members of the Johore Bar express ther condoleces to the bereaved family of the late Mahendran.

Norman Fernandez

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