Making A Complaint

If you feel that your lawyer has been dishonest or fraudulent in the conduct of your matter, or that he has failed to discharge his duty to you in a professional manner, you may lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary Board.

Disciplinary Board

Lembaga Tatatertib Peguam-Peguam

Advocates & Solicitors Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board is the body which has power to take action against a lawyer for misconduct. The Board functions independently of the Bar Council.

8th & 9th Floor, Wisma Maran

28 Medan Pasar

50050 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: (603) 2034 1911

Fax: (603) 2031 2163


The Bar Council may assist the Board in some disciplinary matters. The Council also handles enquiries from members of the public regarding complaints against lawyers.

Malaysian Bar Council

Complaints and Intervention Department

For queries regarding complaints against lawyers

No. 15, Leboh Pasar Besar
50050 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : (603) 2050 2160/ 2159

Fax : (603) 2034 2487



  1. STAGE 1: Investigating Tribunal 

    A complaint must be made in writing to the Disciplinary Board.After receiving a complaint, the Board will review the complaint. If the Board thinks that there are merits in the complaint, it will form an Investigating Tribunal to look into the complaint. The Tribunal will report to the Disciplinary Board whether a formal investigation is necessary.

  2. STAGE 2: Disciplinary Committee 

    The Disciplinary Board will consider the Investigating Tribunal’s report and decide whether a formal investigation is necessary. If the Board thinks that a formal investigation is necessary, it will then form a Disciplinary Committee to hear and investigate the matter.The Disciplinary Committee will hold a hearing of the matter. Both the complainant and the lawyer concerned must be present at the hearing. Either party may be represented by a lawyer at the hearing.

  3. Disciplinary action 

    After hearing and investigating the matter, the Disciplinary Committee may recommend to the Disciplinary Board whether disciplinary action should be taken against the lawyer concerned. The Committee may recommend that the lawyer be reprimanded, fined, suspended from practice for a period of time or struck off the Roll.The Disciplinary Board will make its own decision based on the recommendations.

  4. Appeals 

    If the complainant or the lawyer concerned is dissatisfied with the decision of Board, he may appeal to the High Court. From the High Court, a dissatisfied party may file a final appeal to the Federal Court.

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