Etican Ramasamy (01/03/1941 – 13/12/2010)

The Johore Bar notes with deep regret and sorrow the passing away of a Senior Member of the Johor Bar the late Mr Etican Ramasamy in Muar on Monday the 13th day of December 2010.

Rama was an officer with the Royal Malaysian Police Force before he proceeded to London to read law at the Lincoln’s Inn. He was called to English Bar in 1970 and upon his return to Malaysia he was admitted and enrolled as an Advocate & Solicitor on the 19th of June 1971 and praticed in Muar ever since.

Though Rama had a lucrative and busy practice he found time and satisfaction not only for the community but also for his profession which he loved. It was whilst Rama was Chairman of the Johor Bar that he met with an unfortunate road accident in 2004 which left him impaired and from which impairment he never recovered. Rama’s association with the Education Welfare & Research Foundation is well known. He was a Past District Governor of the Rotary District of 3310. He was an ardent Freemason.

As a lawyer Rama was meticulous thorough and hardworking. No case was too small for him. He served on the Johor Bar Committee for a number of years before becoming its chair. He also served the Malaysian Bar Council on many of its Committees namely Legal Profession Committee, Rules Committee and the Contingency fee Committee.

It is obvious that Rama subscribed to the words and views of Whitney North Seymour who said,

“…the lawyer is not just a journeyman devoted to his own interest but has a duty to his profession which includes the duty to contribute at least some of his talents to the public good through the organized Bar..”

Rama lived the good life. He was a man of varied and extensive interests. He will be remembered for his affection for the poor and the needy, his assistance to new members of the Bar, his generosity to the poor, and one who was always eager to drop a tear of sympathy to the distressed and fallen amongst us.

So another life ends another book put away. So what is life? Kerry & Chris Shook in the book “One Month to Live” wrote:

“Looking at old tombstones, I can’t help but recognize that entire lives are now reduced to 2 dates and one little dash. Some monuments include facts or sayings, Bible verses or poignant memorials, but each person’s life really comes down to what transpired between those 2 dates. It comes down to what is in the dash. Look at the dash of the person’s marker and wonder, What did he live for? Whom did he love? What were his passions? What were his biggest regrets? His mistakes?”

The late lawyer had his own inimitable style. He may have been terse in his words but he did not dampen enthusiasm nor dent optimism. Rama was a man of austere ways. He had insatiable illusions. He had an old fashioned education as most of us had and had rather rustic mannerisms. He became a beacon of hope to many and so we at the Johore Bar offer our tribute of admiration and affection to the late Etican Ramasamy. His life has been an eventful journey enriched by a multitude of experiences both bitter and sweet. He will be remembered for his vast contributions in many spheres.

May his God be merciful in His judgment and grant Rama space in His celestial mansions and glorious gardens.

Rest in Peace Rama.

S. Balarajah


Johor Bar Committee


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