Circular No. 9/18: E-filing: Case Codes when filing a new case

It has now been brought to our attention by the Courts that there are still many instances of members using the wrong codes when filing new cases at the subordinate courts despite the full list of case codes being available at the drop-down box on the e-filing webpage.

We have been further informed that members must strictly comply with the case codes failing which the cause papers will be rejected by the Courts and the filing fee will not be reimbursed. This will cause members and clients to incur additional expenses by way of the new filing.

We have also been informed that the Courts will soon be enforcing strict compliance with the case codes which may result in rejection of cause papers filed under wrong codes and additional filing fees being incurred for the new filing.

In view of this members are urged to familiarize themselves with the list of case codes available at the e-filing webpage and to use the most accurate code for their cases when filing.


Thank You.



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