Circular No. 88/18: Additional Civil Magistrate’s Court

We have been informed by the Courts that effective from 30th November 2018, a 2nd Civil Magistrate’s Court will be set up in Johor Bahru. The distribution of cases will be as follows:

No. Magistrate/Court Case codes



Tuan Mohd Azlan Shah Bin Mohd Allias


Magistrate Court Civil 1, Johor Bahru


Code 71

Code 77

Code 72 – odd numbers

Code 73 – odd numbers




Tuan Mohd Nazri Bin Omran


Magistrate Court Civil 2, Johor Bahru



Code 76

Code 74

Code 72 – even numbers

Code 73 – even numbers

Additional duty : to supervise bailiffs for execution proceedings

We have further been informed that as Tuan Mohd Nazri Bin Omran will be on leave from 2nd December 2018 to 13th December 2018, the Magistrate’s Court Civil 2 will start operating from 16th December 2018. Thank you.




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