Circular No. 8/16: Info Johore Bar (“INFO”)

At the Johore Bar AGM held on 19th February 2016, members have resolved to have an opt-in subscription policy for the INFO Johore Bar (“INFO”).

In line with this resolution, members who wish to receive print copies of the INFO can do so in any of the following methods. Note that all members will have access to the online published copies, when available.

  • By using any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Enter the following address in your browser and register.
  • By calling the Johore Bar Secretariat at 07-276 3888
  • By emailing the Johore Bar Secretariat with the subject “INFO Bar Subscription” at:
  • By filling up and faxing the enclosed reply slip to the Johore Bar Secretariat at 07-276 1188


Fadhil Ihsan
Publication & Information Technology Sub Committee

Circular No. 8-16 Info Johore Bar (INFO)

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