Circular No. 61/15: Forgery of Attestation of Signature in Form 19G National Land Code Relating to a Transaction in Taman Saujana, Johor Bahru

  1. A member of the Johore Bar had informed the Johore Bar Committee that her signature had been forged in the attestation clause in a Form 19G in a transaction relating to a property situated in Taman Saujana, Johore Bahru.
  2. The forger had passed himself or herself off as the affected solicitor and a rubber stamp with the name of the affected solicitor and her Bar Council No. was affixed to the forged instrument.
  3. The matter is now pending investigation by the appropriate authorities.
  4. The affected member of the Johore Bar had requested the Johore Bar Committee to alert members of the Johore Bar about this matter.
  5. Members are advised to take whatever meaasures they can to prevent themselves from being targets of this forgery.
  6. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wong


Conveyancing Sub-Committee

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