Circular No. 6/20: Update on Precautionary Measures In Courts Against COVID-19

In light of the letter issued by the Chief Judge of Malaya dated 06.03.2020, the Johore Bar Committee met with the Senior Judge of the High Court of Johore Bahru, Y.A Datuk See Mee Chun along with other Court Officers on 09.03.2020 to review the precautionary measures to be put in place in the courts for the safety of all parties involved.

It was agreed that:-

  1. Hand sanitizers will be placed at several spots, including the QMS kiosk and all courtrooms.
  2. All matters that are fixed for case management for Deputy Registrars [“DRs”] & Senior Assistant Registrars [“SARs”] are to remain before them in their respective chambers. However, all parties are to adhere strictly to wearing masks. Additionally, a reasonable distance will also be maintained between parties.
  3. Members of the Bar are to register their cases at the QMS kiosk and their cases will be called by the DRs & SARs via the QMS System to prevent overcrowding in the waiting area.
  4. For matters in open court, members of the Bar should leave the 1st row empty and occupy the seats in the 2nd row onwards.

In the meantime, we urge that all Members take the necessary steps to protect themselves and also to be mindful and considerate of the well being of others and take on precautionary measures should they feel unwell.



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