Circular No. 56/13: Admissions to the Bar (“Long Calls”)

Several members of the Bar have drawn the attention of the Committee to the practice adopted by some pupils to request their family members to robe them after the Judge has made the order to admit and enroll them as Advocates & Solicitors of the High Court of Malaya. This practice apparently is very common when the Master of the Pupil, whose duty it is to robe his pupil, is not present at the ceremony.

We would like to remind our members and pupils in chambers that the aforesaid practice is not right or proper and is contrary to Rule 10.04 of the Bar Council Rulings, which we are pleased to reproduce below (with emphasis added) for your reference:


10.04 Duties and obligations of master as regards his pupil’s call to the Bar

(1) It is the master’s duty to arrange for an Advocate and Solicitor of more than 7 years’ standing to move his pupil’s call to the Bar.

(2) The master shall make every effort to be present in Court for his pupil’s call.

(3) Only an Advocate and Solicitor with a valid Practising Certificate and who has at least seven (7) years’ standing shall robe a pupil upon admission to the Bar by the Presiding Judge.

(4) Any Advocate and Solicitor who robes a pupil on the admission to the Bar shall be in Open Court attire.

(5) The master shall ensure that his pupil strictly follows the Open Court attire.”

We hope that our members and pupils will be guided accordingly.

Fadhil Ihsan (Dale)


Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils

Sub Committee

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