Circular No. 50/15: 44TH Bench & Bar vs Police Games 2015 (4th Dec to 11th Dec 2015)

The most anticipated games in the JBC sporting calendar is back again! The Johore Bar Sports Sub Committee is pleased to announce that the 44th BENCH & BAR vs POLICE GAMES 2015 is scheduled to be held from 4th December 2015 – 11th December 2015 and that Johore Bar will be hosting this year’s Games! The opening ceremony will be the cricket game on Friday, 4th December 2015 at 8.30 am at Johor Cricket Council (JCC), Mutiara Rini jointly officiated by the Senior High Court Judge of the Johor Bahru High Court and the Chief Police Officer of Johor. The closing ceremony of the Games will be held at New York Hotel, Johor Bahru at 8.00 pm on Friday, 11th December 2015. The Sub-Committee hopes that members and pupils in chambers will give their utmost co-operation and support by participating in the Games.

The followings are the schedule of the said games and the details of the conveners for member’s easy reference:


(4-12-2015 to 11-12-2015)

Games Date/Time Venue Convener
Cricket & Opening Ceremony 4-12-2015


8.30 am

Johor Cricket Council (JCC), Mutiara Rini Mr.  Richard Tan

H/p: 012-7383882



4-12-2015 (Friday)

2.30 pm

JGCC En. Rasheed Hassan

H/p: 012-7868168

Netball 4-12-2015 (Friday)

4.00 pm

KBS Larkin Cik Noor Atiqah binti Mohd Thaib

H/p: 012-7010994

Volleyball 4-12-2015 (Friday)

5.00 pm

KBS Larkin


Cik Noor Atiqah binti Mohd Thaib

H/p: 012-7010994





7-12-2015 (Monday)

8.00 pm

Daiman Sports Centre, Skudai En. Mohd Tarmeze bin Mohd Taib

H/p: 017-3728207

Cik Izzati Maria binti Othman

H/p: 017-7757756

Badminton 8-12-2015


8.00 pm

Badminton Hall,

Stadium Larkin

Mr. K. Mohan

H/p: 017-7844868



8-12-2015 (Tuesday)

8.00 pm

KBS Larkin Mr. Lee Ting Kiat

H/p: 013-7719177

Table-tennis 9-12-2015 (Tuesday)

8.00 pm

JGCC Mr. Liew HongYi

H/p: 012-7564799

Sepak takraw


9-12-2015 (Wednesday)

5.00 pm

KBS, Larkin En. Samsudin bin Sudirman

H/p: 019-7444715

Shooting 10-12-2015 (Thursday)

4.30 pm

IPD Seri Alam Mr. Hardip Singh

H/p: 012-7993161

Pool 10-12-2015 (Thursday)

2.30 pm

JCSC Mr. Kandasamy

H/p: 012-7091733

Dart 10-12-2015 (Thursday)

2.30 pm

JCSC Mr. M Kumar

H/p: 012-7776361

Soccer 11-12-2015 (Friday)

4.30 pm

Padang Dato Onn, Nusa Mutiara En. Mohd Tarmeze bin Mohd Taib

H/p: 017-3728207

The sub-committee is also appealing to members of the Johore Bar for their generosity in contributing towards the cost of organizing the games. Members can make the contributions via cheque in favour of Johore Bar Sports Sub-Committee Fund.

We look forward to your generous contribution and participation in the said event.

Thank you!

Hardip Singh


Sports Sub-Committee

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