Circular No. 5/19: Minutes of Meeting on 23 September 2018 with the Land Registry, Johor

  1. Further to the Circular No. 96/18 on Update on Land Registry, the Johore Bar Committee wish to inform that it had just received the duly signed minutes of the meeting had on 23 September 2018 between the Conveyancing Sub-Committee with the Land Registry, Johor, (PTG).
  2. The Johore Bar Committee is pleased to enclose herewith the minutes of the meeting for the reference of members.
  3. It is hoped that the contents of the minutes of the meeting would assist and guide the members of the Johore Bar in their conveyancing work. However, members are advised to check with the Land Registry, Johor, in connection with any issues or matters discussed/deliberated in the meeting as events may have overtaken such issues and matters.




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