Circular No. 43/20: Extension Of Deadline For Fast Track NIL Applications

The Johore Bar Committee [“JBC”] had received several complaints from members concerning the expiration of deadline within which proprietors of land, with a category of use and/or express condition respectively endorsed as “TIADA” or “NIL”, are to submit the conversion applications to PTG Johor [“the Conversion Applications”]. This deadline expired on 30/06/2020 [“the Deadline”]. Conversion Applications submitted before the Deadline did not require the services of a licensed surveyor.

JBC thereafter, by letter dated 22/7/2020 issued by the Conveyancing Sub-Committee to PTG Johor, requested for an extension of the Deadline to 30/09/2020 on the premise that the Deadline fell within the Movement Control Order period [“MCO”] and that the costs of engaging licensed surveyors, which we were told is estimated to exceed RM3,000.00, placed a financial burden on the affected proprietors due the economic repercussions as a result of the  MCO.

An extension up to 30/09/2020 was sought on the basis that the deadline for payment of quit rent had been extended to this date.

In the PEMUDAH Webinar Series #9 Movement Control Order (MCO): Measures Taken to Improve Land Registration Service (Series 2) held on 29/07/2020, this issue was again raised by me, as one of the panelist, to fellow panelist, Deputy Director (Management & Development) PTG Johor, Puan Suhailizan Suliman.

On 04/08/2020, JBC received PTG Johor’s letter dated 04/08/2020 confirming the extension of the Deadline to 30/08/2020. A copy of said letter is attached. 



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