Circular No. 43/18: ATTENTION

  1. Court punctuality

The High Court has once again brought to the Committee’s attention that there are still many instances of lawyers coming late to Court. The High Court starts proceedings at 9.00 a.m with Chamber matters but frequently lawyers were not present as yet and this had caused delay in conclusion of  Chamber matters and led to the delay of open court matters. There are also similar concerns from the lower courts.

Members are hereby urged to be in court on time. Where members have to appear in more than one court at the same time, please inform the court interpreters earlier to stand down the matter to a definite time to avoid the court and fellow lawyers who were early from being made to wait indefinitely.

  1. Court attire

The Committee was also informed by the courts that there are instances of lawyers not attired properly before the court – in open court or chambers. Members are urged to take note and comply with the guidelines on court attire. Circular No. 45/16 on court attires is enclosed for members’ reference.

Members are to be advised accordingly.  Thank you.



Circular No. 45-16 Dress Code for Advocates & Solicitors appearing in Court1

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