Circular No. 31/17: Presence of Masters At His/Her Pupil’s Call

Recently the Johore Bar has been receiving multiple complaints from Judges in Johor Bahru that there is an increasing trend of masters not being present at their pupil’s call.

As such, kindly allow me to remind Masters of their duties under Rule 10.04 of the Rules and Ruling of the Bar Council Malaysia which states as follows: –

10.04     Duties and obligations of masters as regards his/her pupil’s call to the Bar.

  1. It is the master’s duty to arrange for an Advocate and Solicitor of more than 7 years’ standing to move his/her pupil’s call to the Bar.
  2. The master shall make every effort to be present in Court for his/her pupil’s call.
  3. Only an Advocate and Solicitor with a valid practising certificate and who has at least 7 years’ standing shall robe a pupil upon admission to the Bar by the Presiding Judge.
  4. Any Advocate and Solicitor who robes a pupil on the admission to the Bar shall be in Open Court attire.
  5. The master shall ensure that his/her pupil strictly follows the Open Court attire.


Kindly be guided accordingly.



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