Circular No. 3/18: Notification regarding hearing of civil sessions court cases in Johor Bahru

The Director of the Johor Courts, Puan Sabariah binti Atan, has extended to us a copy of a notice, dated 5th March 2018, pertaining to the hearing of Civil Sessions Court cases registered under the A53KJ code in Johor Bahru, which take effect from 8th March 2018 (Thursday)

The said notice is attached for your reference.

Attached also is the list of cases which pursuant to the Notice above is now before Puan Zahilah Binti Mohammad Yusoff.

Kindly be advised that, Puan Sabariah Binti Atan has informed us that the Court will issue a notice of case management for all the cases listed on the aforementioned list for parties to appear before Puan Zahilah Binti Mohammad Yusoff for new dates to be fixed which are suitable for all parties.

Members are also to be minded of the CJM’s Practice Directions No. 1 & 2 of 2011 which guides the court accordingly when fixing hearing dates. These Practice Directions are attached herewith for members’ convenience.



Arahan Amalan CJM No. 1 of 2011

Arahan Amalan Hakim Besar Malaya Bil 2 Tahun 2011

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