Circular No. 29/16: Registration Closed l GST Handholding Programme For Sector III (Real Property, Construction And Professional)

Date 30th August 2016 (Tuesday)
Venue M Suites Hotel, Johor Bahru
Time 8.30 am
  1. Further to our Circular No. 22/16 dated 15th July 2016 and Circular No. 26/16 dated 26th July 2016, please be informed that the registration to attend the above programme had reached the maximum of 200 well before the closing date of 1st August 2016. Registration is now closed.
  1. The secretariat will proceed to submit to the Jabatan Kastam DiRaja Malaysia, Johor (“Kastam”), the names of the first 200 members who have registered for the above programme, on a first come first serve basis.
  1. Members who have registered before the closing date are required to check with the secretariat to ensure that your names have been submitted to Kastam before you attend the above programme. Those members whose names have not been submitted to Kastam by the secretariat will not be allowed entry into the programme.
  1. Due to overwhelming response from members of the Johore Bar, we will make arrangements with Kastam to conduct a second programme for our members on a date to be fixed, as soon as possible. Priority for the second programme shall be given to those who have registered for the above first programme, but have not been successful.
  1. Thank you.


Andrew Wong
Conveyancing Sub-Committee

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