Circular No. 26/18: Announcement

e-Filing Disruption

Members may have experienced difficulty in e-filing very recently. We have been informed by the Courts that this is due to law firm portal connection difficulties and the Courts are currently in the process of rectifying the problem. In the interim period, members are allowed to carry out filings through the service bureau counters by handing over softcopies of the documents for filing and service bureau charges will not be imposed.

Alternatively, members are allowed to carry out the filings via their laptops by using the dedicated internet connection cable made available for members at the service bureau counters.


Additional Civil Magistrate’s Court

We have been informed by the Courts that effective from 4th June 2018 the new Magistrates Court Civil 2 will be in operation to hear cases under code A73KJ registered in 2017.  The relevant notice is attached for your reference. The list of cases under this new court will be made available at the notice board outside Magistrates Court Civil 1 on 4th June 2018.


Thank You.



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