Circular No. 14/15: Info Johore Bar 2015 (Call for Content and Members)

The Publications Sub Committee is now compiling materials for publication of this year’s edition of the Info Johore Bar for the year 2015/16. This year, the Info Johore Bar will also be published online and be made available for download as an e-book.

The Publication Committee would like to invite members (and also pupils-in-chambers) to join this year’s publication team.

Members are also invited to submit articles/comments/letters/poems/anecdotes etc (in English or Bahasa Malaysia) to the Editor for the Sub Committee’s consideration for publication. You may email them directly to us at or

Members, particularly senior members, who may have pictures of the Bar activities of the olden days are invited to send in the pictures. Members whom have recently conducted (or chanced upon) cases worthy of a review, please let us know as well.

Thank you.


Fadhil Ihsan


Publication and Information Technology


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