Circular No. 10/14: Court Matters

Complaints/feedback on court matters

Members facing any difficulty with court or those wishing to provide feedback or comments may write directly to the Committee or submit the forms made available at the Secretariat and the Bar Room of the respective courts. It would help us in deciding the proper action to be taken if the necessary particulars are also stated in the letter/forms.

Liaison officers on court matters

Members may also contact the following members from the Courts Liaison and Public Relations Sub-Committee in order to forward your complaints/comments for the Committee’s action :

(a) Mr. R. Jayabalan for civil suit and originating summons matters;

(b) Pn. Shahareen Begum for North Johor court matters;

(c) Ms. J. Chandrika for family law matters;

(d) Ms. Punitha for motor vehicle accident cases;

(e) Ms. Santhi and Puan Nas Idalina for bankruptcy, banking and foreclosure matters;

(f) Mr. Vijay Kumar and Mr. Sasindran for e-filing and CRT system;

(g) Mr. Lim Chon Sin for criminal cases.

From time to time the Committee would also call for forum with members to discuss court matters. Please play your part by attending these forums and put forward your complaints/comments with particulars. Murmurings of discontent at the court corridors alone would not help! Without your contribution at these forums the Committee would not be able to take on the issues effectively and expeditiously.

Upon collating and considering the complaints/feedback the Committee would determine the appropriate action to be taken which would also include bringing the matter to the Senior Judge’s attention for resolution. The relevant members would also be kept informed on the progress in respect of their complaints/feedback. Thank you.



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