Abdullah bin Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman (11/10/1919 – 16/04/1987)

The late Encik Abdullah Bin Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman was the Chairman of the Johore Bar Committee for the period 1970 to 1981 and President of the Malaysian Bar and Chairman of the Bar Council for the years 1979 and 1980.

His concern for the welfare of the Johore Bar led to the Bar Council, on his agitation, to cause Parliament to effect an amendment to the Advocates and Solicitors Ordinance, 1947. By the amendment, foreign practitioners would only be admitted to practice in West Malaysia on an ad hoc basis if special grounds were shown.

He believed in solving problems through dialogue and not through confrontation. The various important positions be held in public as well as in private organizations, plus the fact that he was a Senator for six years (1968 – 1974) gave him access to the relevant authorities involved. In his quiet manner, he prevailed upon legal practitioners to contribute towards the costs of establishing not only the Law Library of the Johore Bar Committee but also the Library of the Bar Council in Kuala Lumpur.

His firm, Abdullah A.Rahman & Co; had offices in Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat and Kuala Lumpur.

Encik Abdullah passed away at the age of 68 and leaves behind his wife and a son.

by Muthanna Bin Abdullah

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