The late Mr Sarjit Singh Randhawa was born on 12th August 1938 and had his early education in Johor Bahru. He was admitted as a Barrister at the Lincoln’s Inn in 1972 and called to the Malaysian Bar on October 1973. He joined the Judicial Service, Government of Malaysia on 31st January 1974 and served… Read More

The late Shirley Khoo Guek Siah was born on 23.05.1960, the youngest of a family of 5 girls in a small kampung called Gerisik which is separated from Muar by a river. He father passed away when Shirley was only 6, leaving the family very little in terms of financial resources or extended family support.… Read More

The late Mr Subra Naicker was the eldest son to Mr & Mrs Palany Naicker. He was born in Muar, Johor and received his early education there. He lost his father at the tender age of 9 and was brought up by his mother and grandmother both of whom, were his source of inspiration to… Read More

In our world that is full of troubles and turmoil, and in our profession that is infested with worries and stress, Sagadeva stood out as a portrait of serenity. One can hardly picture Sagadeva without his famous pipe, and staring into the distance. That distinguished-looking figure of a man often appeared deep in contemplation. He… Read More

The late Mr R.Muthu a senior member of the Johore Bar passed away peacefully on the 6th October 2003. Muthu a former police officer graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of London in 1976. Thereafter he read for the Bar and was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of… Read More

The late Mr Ramasamy was born on 27th January 1946. He was admitted as a Barrister of the Lincoln’s Inn on 29th July 1982 and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor on 26th August 1983. The late Mr Ramasamy practised as a sole proprietor from 1984 under the name of Messrs Ramasamy Suppiah & Co.… Read More

Born into a humble family in 1920, Mr Ong Lock Mui, popularly known as L.M. Ong, worked as a teacher and then at the age of 18 as a Hospital Assistant for 3 years during which time, he sat and passed his health inspector’s exams. He served as a Health Inspector in Johor Bahru until… Read More

The late Mr Ng Seng Kang was born on 7th November 1948. He graduated from University Sains Malaysia with Bachelor of Social Science and served there as Administrative Officer in the Registry for 3 years before venturing to study law in England. He was called to the English Bar in February 1978 and the Malaysian… Read More

The late Mr Mok Yann Shi was born on 1st April 1970. Mr Mok had his early education at Cheng Siew Primary School in Batu Pahat. Subsequently he left for Singapore to complete his secondary education. He completed his diploma in Electrical Engineering at the Nee Ann Polytechnic Singapore. He was a Barrister at Law… Read More

Senior member of the Johore Bar Marceline Swan Miranda or better known as M.S.Miranda passed away peacefully on 17th October 2008, Friday at 7.30 am. He was 83. Born on January 15, 1925, M S Miranda was called to the Malaysian Bar on 23rd November 1957. He was also a barrister of Middle Temple, London.… Read More