In Memory

Najwa Izzatty binti Abd Razak (31/8/1989 – 2/9/2016)

It is with great sadness that we record that Najwa Izzaty binti Abd Razak, who was practising at Messrs Fatimah Zahrah & Co., passed away on 2/9/2016. The Johore Bar extends its heartfelt condolences and sympathies to her family members and loved ones.

Renganathan a/l Letchumanan (10/3/1946 – 31/8/2016)

The Johore Bar is once again distressed to record the passing of yet another one of its senior members the late Mr Renganathan a/l Letchumanan (“Renga”) who passed away in Johor Bahru on the 31st day of August 2016. The funeral took place according to Hindu rites on the 1st day of September 2016. Born …

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Veera Kumara Singham (26/3/1934 – 31/7/2016)

Mr S Veera Kumara Singham popularly known as S.V.K Singham of the Hon. Society of Lincoln’s Inn a Barrister-at -Law and an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court, Malaysia passed away peacefully in Kluang on the 31st day of July 2016. The last rites according to traditional Hindu rites took place in Kluang on …

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Parthiban a/l M N Letchumanan (16.12.1956 – 18.3.2016)

MY LORDS and MY LADY, We are gathered here this morning to pay a short tribute to our brother in law Mr. Parthiban a/l M N Letchumanan. The late Mr Parthiban was born on 16/12/1956 and was the eldest son of Mr Letchumanan and Madam Kamachi. He was a very loving and caring son to …

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Ahmad bin Kemin (25.4.1954 – 21.8.2015)

Bismillahir Rahmannir Rahim Dengan izin Yang Arif Pada pagi ini kita semua diberi peluang untuk berkumpul di dalam dewan Mahkamah Yang Mulia ini untuk suatu majlis memperingati rakan-rakan peguam yang telah pergi mendahului kita, bertemu dengan Penciptanya. Pada hari ini saya telah diberi penghormatan untuk utk membacakan memoir rujukan khas buat Allahyarham Encik Ahmad bin …

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Dato’ Sauffee Afandi bin Mohamad (18.2.1947 – 11.3.2015)

It is indeed a privilege to have been called upon by the Bar Committee to pay this tribute to Dato’ Haji Sauffee in this Reference being held before your Lordships. Dato’ Haji Sauffee Afandi bin Mohamad a man of humble origin who hailed from Mersing has had a successful working life starting first as a …

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Santharan a/l Ganapathi (17.12.1956 – 4.8.2015)

Mr. G. Santharan (usually known among friends as Sanjay 59, a Senior Member of the Johore Bar passed away on 4.8.2015 and his remains were cremated at Kluang on the same date. G. Santharan was from Guthrie Estate, Ladang Ulu Remis, Layang-Layang, Johore and was educated at Diamond Jubliee Primary School at Rengam and later …

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Sethu Arumugam (15.11.1946 to 24.02.2015)

Sethu Arumugam who was popularly known as A. Sethu an Advocate and Solicitor practising under the name and style of Syarikat A. Sethu of Segamat Johor passed away peacefully on the 24th of Feb 2015, aged 69. Sethu a Segamat lad who received his secondary education in the High School Segamat graduated initially from the …

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Zainuddin bin Embong (25/11/1958 – 05/03/2014)

(Tribute for Allahyarham Zainuddin bin Embong at Reference Proceeding held at High Court Johor Bahru on 4 Feb 2015) Allahyarham Haji Zainuddin bin Embong was born in Johor Bahru on the 25th day of November 1958. At the time of his demise he was 56 years of age. He obtained his LLB(Hons) from the Universiti of …

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Norisah binti Abu Aman (14/04/1955 – 18/12/2014)

The Johore Bar Committee is deeply saddened by the passing of Puan Norisah binti Abu Aman on 18.12.2014 on the very fateful day, Allahyarhamah Norisah binti Abu Aman was on her way to Kota Tinggi to attend a Court case. Allahyarhamah Norisah binti Abu Aman was called to the Bar on 22.2.2013 upon successfully completed …

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