Please be informed that the Annual Subscription to the Johore Bar for the year 2016 has been fixed at RM 200.00 by the Annual General Meeting held on 19th February 2016.

The deadline for payment of the aforesaid sum is the 30th June 2016. We request members to make their payment before the said date to avoid any delay in the issuance of the Sijil Annual for 2017. Please note that partners of law firms in Johor who do not reside in the state are also required to pay the Annual Subscription to the Johore Bar.

Kindly complete the enclosed Application Form and forward the same together with your payment, which may be in cash or by cheque in favour of JOHORE BAR COMMITTEE.

Members are also reminded that the receipt and certificate would be issued only once and that a fee of RM 25.00 per copy would be chargeable for any request for certified true copies of the same.


S. Gunasegaran


Circular No. 6-16 Payment of Annual Subscription to the Johore Bar for 2016


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