Johore Legal Aid Centre

The Centre was initially established primarily to cater to the poor and needy in order to ensure that they have an avenue to obtain legal advice or representation. Over the years, the objectives of the centre expanded. Training is given for pupils to instil values of social responsibility which we hope becomes engrained when the pupils embark on their careers’ in private practice, government legal services or in corporate practice. It also serves to train practising lawyers in various programmes in order to ensure that the centre has a large pool of volunteers in different areas of practice such as family, criminal and employment (Judicial review and Labour Court).

The Centre organises outreach programmes to educate the public on legal issues, to create legal awareness and at the same time promote the centre. Outreach programmes have taken us to Orang Asli settlements where there is a dire need for us to tackle serious legal problems involving land, employment, education, registration of births/NRIC and other legal and social issues.

The Centre deals with every walk in client. Pupils are on duty with the supervision of the legal manager of the centre to provide advice. Volunteer lawyers will be contacted when the issues are complicated in order to ensure that proper advice is provided. Limited legal advice is also given to those who make phone calls to the centre. Pupils are further tasked to obtain details from the clients in order for the matters to be referred to volunteer lawyers. However, the client must pass the ‘means test’ in order to be eligible for legal representation in court.

With the establishment of YBGK in April 2012, the Centre has taken on a further task to function as the administrative centre for YBGK operations. On a daily basis, the Centre receives faxes from all district police headquarters/stations and other enforcement agencies on any arrest that have taken place. We are then tasked to liaise with the pool of lawyers who have undergone YBGK training and on duty to attend to the persons arrested at the respective remand centres. We further make arrangements for the said lawyers to attend court for remand hearings, bail application, mitigation and trial work.

Currently there are two Legal Aid Centres located at Johor Bahru and Muar, Johor.

Operation hours: Sunday to Thursday – 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


Johore Legal Aid Centre

Address: Session & Magistrate Court, Level 5, Jalan Ayer Molek, 80000 Johor Bahru

Tel: 07-223 5698  Fax: 07-226 9024 (LAC)

Tel: 07-221 1437  Fax: 07-221 2153 (YBGK)


Officer in Charge: Puan Hamidah Rahmat


Muar Legal Aid Centre

Address: Bilik Peguam, Muar Court Complex, Jalan Temenggong Ahmad, 84000 Muar Johor

Tel / Fax: 06-953 2468 (LAC)

Tel / Fax: 06-951 4700 (YBGK)


Officer in Charge: Puan Rosita Razak



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