Circular No. 60/18: Meeting with the Courts

The Committee recently had a meeting with the Courts to raise issues of concern to members and as brought to the Committee’s attention. Following the discussions thereat the followings have been agreed :

  1. Beginning from 13th September 2018 all adoption cases will be heard on every Thursday at the Sessions Court Civil (1) at MSC Cyberport. Adoption cases will no longer be heard at the Courts Complex at Jalan Ayer Molek as the limited car park facilities there had caused difficulties for members and clients when attending court.
  2. Accident cases that require change of code (code B) for being a claim for more than RM300,000.00 will remain at their respective existing Sessions Courts. There is no longer any need to apply to transfer the cases to Sessions Court Civil (1) following the change to Code B. This is in accordance with item 5.3 of the Chief Registrar’s Circular no. 1 of 2013 which can be accessed here. Members are therefore requested not to file application to transfer the Code B accident cases from their existing respective Sessions Court.
  1. All writ summons are to be processed and returned on urgent basis.
  2. The condition of the washrooms at the Criminal High Courts will be attended to and improved.
  3. The courtroom doors at the 3rd floor of the Court Complex will be opened early before 8.30 a.m. everyday.

Members are to be advised accordingly. Thank You.



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