The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organizing the above course which is COMPULSORY for all pupils. Pupils will need to pass a written test evaluation at the end of the Professional Standards Course. In conjunction with the course, the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee together with the Social Sub-Committee is organizing a dinner. Invitations to the… Read More

To celebrate Ramadhan, the North Johore Affairs Sub-Committee has organised Ifthar for members of the Bar. It is an informal affair with a promise of a sumptuous spread ala “Selera Kampung @ Marina Muar” and, as always, great fun and laughter! The particulars of the function are as follows: Date Friday, 8th June 2018 Time… Read More

e-Filing Disruption Members may have experienced difficulty in e-filing very recently. We have been informed by the Courts that this is due to law firm portal connection difficulties and the Courts are currently in the process of rectifying the problem. In the interim period, members are allowed to carry out filings through the service bureau… Read More

The Johore Bar Young Lawyers and Chambering Pupils Sub Committee is organising a seminar entitled “Leveraging IT for Law Firms”. The objective of the talk is to enable law firms to utilise technology: to reduce their operating costs, increase efficiency, and improve profitability. The topics covered in the talk will include the following: Leveraging on… Read More