Please be informed that the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee has invited Bank Negara Malaysia to conduct a seminar entitled Preserving the Integrity of the Financial System: Prevention of Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing, Role of Lawyers as Effective Gatekeepers. The topics covered in the talk will include the following: Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (ML/TF)… Read More

Improving the Standard of Advocacy and Producing Better Advocates The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee of the Johore Bar in collaboration with the Bar Council Advocacy Training Committee will be conducting Civil Advocacy Course in Johor Bahru. For the past eight years, the Bar Council Advocacy Training Committee has organised the course throughout Malaysia for Members… Read More

The North Johor Affairs Sub-Committee is very pleased to announce that a day trip to Universal Studio Singapore [USS] for members, their friends and family, has been organised. USS is a popular destination for children and adults alike, with its numerous attractions, especially the heart-stopping rides. The particulars of the USS Trip are as follows:-… Read More

Court punctuality The High Court has once again brought to the Committee’s attention that there are still many instances of lawyers coming late to Court. The High Court starts proceedings at 9.00 a.m with Chamber matters but frequently lawyers were not present as yet and this had caused delay in conclusion of  Chamber matters and led… Read More

Please be informed that the Shariah and Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committees is jointly organising a seminar entitled Custody Battle: Analysing Recent Developments in Shariah Court. Particulars of the seminar are as follows: Date 19th July 2018 (Thursday) Time 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Registration at 2.00 p.m.) Venue Level 1, Abdullah A. Rahman Auditorium Johore… Read More

Please be informed that the Negeri Sembilan Bar Committee will be organizing the ‘INTERSTATE BAR GAMES 2018’ in Negeri Sembilan on Saturday, 4th August 2018. We intend to send a team from Johor to participate in the following games. Members and pupils-in-chambers who are interested to take part in the games may contact the respective… Read More

Please be informed that the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organising a seminar on criminal trial. The seminar shall be conducted by EN. ISKANDAR SHAH BIN IBRAHIM, a member of the Malaysian Bar. En. Iskandar joined the legal service from year 1994 – 2014. He was a former Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) from year 1994… Read More