The Johore Bar Committee Website is the official website of the Johore Bar Committee, a body representing legal practitioners in the state of Johor.

Our website posts updated circulars to its members pertaining to the activities organised by the Johore Bar and its sub-committees and also information pertaining to the judiciary and other local authorities.

Johore Bar Committee 2015/16

Chairman R. Jayabalan
Committee Members Andrew Wong Fook Hin
Puan Shahareen Begum Binti Abdul Subhan
Hardip Singh

Mathews George
Ms. Santhi a/p Balachandran
Ms. Punitha a/p Mariappan
Ms. Gun Huei Shin
Fadhil Ihsan Bin Mohamad Hassan
Ng Kai Choy
Bar Representative S. Gunasegaran
Hon Secretary Puan Nik Raihan binti Nik Ja’afar

News & Events

Circular No. 41/15: Johore Bar vs Mahkamah Johor Games (23 – 24 Oct 2015)

The Johore Bar Sports Sub Committee is pleased to announce that the first event under the Bar Bench Club (BBC) Johor would be the Johore Bar vs Mahkamah Johor Games. The Games is scheduled to be held on 23rd – 24th October 2015. The purpose of the Games is to foster greater ties and camaraderie… Read More


Circular No. 40/15: Seminar on Common GST Issues For Legal Practitioners (16 Oct 2015)

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee of the Johore Bar is organizing a Seminar on Common GST Issues for Legal Practitioners. The Seminar will cover as follows: Types of tax invoices General & Specific time of supply and reporting rules Deposits & advance payment in client and office accounts Disbursements vs Reimbursements Costs awarded by court… Read More


Training : Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan (YBGK) on 10 Oct 2015

We are pleased to inform you that the training session for members who have signed up to provide legal aid in criminal cases under Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan (YBGK) has been set, the particulars of which are as follows: Date Saturday, 10th Oct 2015 (Part 1 and Part 2) Time 9.00 am to 6.00 pm… Read More


Circular No. 39/15: 10TH Johore Bar – vs – Law Society Singapore Games 2015 (3 Oct 2015)

The Johore Bar Sports Sub-Committee is pleased to inform that the 10th Annual Friendly Games between the Law Society of Singapore and the Johore Bar will be held in Singapore on 3rd October 2015 (Saturday) and is hosted by the Law Society of Singapore. The 8-course Dinner will be held at Kent Ridge Guild House… Read More


Circular No. 37/15: Public Forum l Promoting Greater Police Accountability in Malaysia (9 Sept 2015)

The Johore Bar Human Rights Sub Committee jointly with the Bar Council is organising a public forum on Promoting Greater Police Accountability in Malaysia. The Bar Council is renewing its call to the Malaysian Government to establish an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (“IPCMC”), as was recommended by the Royal Commission to Enhance the… Read More