The Johore Bar Committee Website is the official website of the Johore Bar Committee, a body representing legal practitioners in the state of Johor.

Our website posts updated circulars to its members pertaining to the activities organised by the Johore Bar and its sub-committees and also information pertaining to the judiciary and other local authorities.

Johore Bar Committee 2016/17

Chairman S. Gunasegaran
Committee Members Shahareen Begum Binti Abdul Subhan
Hardip Singh
Hjh. Norfaizah binti Hj. Zainuddin
K. Meneka a/p E. Kanasmoorthy
Mathews George
Santhi a/p Balachandran
Punitha a/p Mariappan
Nik Raihan binti Datuk Nik Ja’afar
Loh Wei Cher
Fadhil Ihsan bin Mohamad Hassan
Andrew Wong Fook Hin (Co-opted)
Bar Representative R. Jayabalan
Hon. Secretary Azmelia Nabila binti Zainal Abidin

News & Events

Circular No. 32/16: Public Forum on The Proposed LPA Amendments: Serious Threat to the Independence of the Malaysian Bar (29 Aug 2016)

Following the success of the Forum for Members held on 4th August 2016, the Johore Bar Committee jointly with the Bar Council is organising a public forum on THE GOVERNMENT’ S PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE LPA 1976. In a recent unexpected turn of events, the Bar Council was informed that the Government of Malaysia intends… Read More


Circular No. 31/16: GST Handholding Programme for Sector III (Real Property, Construction and Professional)

DATE: 30 AUGUST 2016 (NO CHANGE) VENUE: HOTEL BERJAYA WATERFRONT, JOHOR BAHRU (CHANGE OF VENUE) TIME: 8.30 AM (NO CHANGE) MAXIMUM: 300 (INCREASED FROM 200) Further to our Circular No. 22/16 dated 15th July 2016, Circular No. 26/16 dated 26th July 2016 and Circular No. 29/16 dated 2nd August 2016, we are extremely pleased to… Read More


Circular No. 30/16: Professional Standards Course (Ethics Lecture Programme) 23 & 24 Aug 2016

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organizing the above course which is COMPULSORY for all pupils. Pupils will need to pass a written test evaluation at the end of the Professional Standards Course. In conjunction with the course, the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee together with the Social Sub-Committee is organizing a dinner. Invitations to the… Read More


Circular No. 29/16: Registration Closed l GST Handholding Programme For Sector III (Real Property, Construction And Professional)

Date 30th August 2016 (Tuesday) Venue M Suites Hotel, Johor Bahru Time 8.30 am Further to our Circular No. 22/16 dated 15th July 2016 and Circular No. 26/16 dated 26th July 2016, please be informed that the registration to attend the above programme had reached the maximum of 200 well before the closing date of… Read More


Circular No. 28/16: Feedback on the Award of Costs by the Courts

It has come to the notice of the Bar Council that a discernible trend of awarding low costs to the successful litigant has emerged in recent years. We have heard rumblings at the Bar that the courts very often give extremely low costs, and worse still, in some cases make no award of costs to… Read More