The Johore Bar Committee recently had a meeting with the Johore Chief Police Officer, Datuk Mohd Khalil Bin Kader Mohd (“CPO”). The meeting was also attended by the Deputy CPO and other officers. The meeting was held on the Committee’s request to discuss several issues faced by lawyers in the conduct of accident cases when… Read More

The Johore Bar Committee recently had a meeting with the Industrial Court at Johor Bahru. The meeting was attended by the Industrial Court Judge and the Assistant Registrar. The meeting was held to discuss issues pertaining to practice at the Industrial Court. Amongst the issues discussed were: Fixing of dates – the Court said that… Read More

The Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organizing the above course which is COMPULSORY for all pupils. Pupils will need to pass a written test evaluation at the end of the Professional Standards Course. In conjunction with the course, the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee together with the Social Sub-Committee is organizing a dinner. Invitations to the… Read More

To celebrate Ramadhan, the North Johore Affairs Sub-Committee has organised Ifthar for members of the Bar. It is an informal affair with a promise of a sumptuous spread ala “Selera Kampung @ Marina Muar” and, as always, great fun and laughter! The particulars of the function are as follows: Date Friday, 8th June 2018 Time… Read More