The Committee recently had a meeting with the Courts to raise issues of concern to members and as brought to the Committee’s attention. Following the discussions thereat the followings have been agreed : Beginning from 13th September 2018 all adoption cases will be heard on every Thursday at the Sessions Court Civil (1) at MSC… Read More

The Publication & Information Technology Sub-Committee is now compiling materials for publication of the 2nd issue of the INFO Johore Bar for the year 2018/19. The INFO Johore Bar was made available online since 1st January 2016 at However, members may request hardcopies from the Secretariat should they wish. The Sub-Committee would like to… Read More

Calling All Criminal Law Practitioners in Johor The Johor Prosecution Unit is conducting a “Hari Bertemu Pelanggan” with criminal law practitioners in all the districts in the state of Johor to discuss issues pertaining to conduct of criminal cases. Members are encouraged to attend.  Particulars of the meetings are as follows: District Date & Time… Read More

The Conveyancing Sub-Committee will be having a dialogue session with Pejabat Pengarah Tanah Dan Galian Johor (“PTG”) to highlight issues and problems faced by members in relation to conveyancing work connected with PTG or any of the land offices concerned. Therefore, the Sub-Committee requests for feedback and information from members on the issues and problems… Read More

The Annual Johore Bar Futsal Tournament is back again! This has become a popular and well received event amongst members and the courts. It has now become a ‘must have’ event for Johore Bar. We thank the members for your support to this event. The Sports Sub-Committee is now organizing the 2018 edition of the… Read More

Please be informed that the Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committee is organising a seminar entitled Maritime Law. The topics covered in the talk will include the following: Admiralty Law An introduction to in rem proceedings. The differences between actions in rem and actions in personam/a civil suit. The types of claims that allow for pre-judgment security.… Read More

Please be informed that the Shariah and Continuing Professional Development Sub-Committees is jointly organising a seminar entitled Conventional Banking vs Islamic Banking. The topics covered in the talk will include the following: Introduction to conventional banking Introduction to Islamic banking Mechanics of conventional and Islamic banking Difference between conventional and Islamic banking Particulars of the… Read More

The responsibility to robe pupil The Committee’s attention was drawn to recent instances of pupils or family members requesting the master or solicitor moving the call to apply to the Court for a family member to robe the pupil upon admission to the Bar by the Presiding Judge. The Committee would like to bring to… Read More